Food As Medicine And Gene Interaction

Food As Medicine And Gene Interaction

Dr. Fried a gastroenterologist and nutritionist in Ocean New Jersey gives patients a DNA based diet as a prescription by studying how food nutrients interacts with their genes. 

You heard the phrase you are what you eat. But now you can eat for who you are.  

By studying how genes and nutrients interact, Dr Fried is looking for ways to use DNA Based diets as a prescription to improve your health and prevent disease.

Knowing how your DNA – genes and nutrients, vitamins, minerals interact could be the new pathway for individualized tailor made better health.

Food can be used to heal many underlying conditions such as depression, colitis, crohn’s. celiac, anxiety, blood clots, stroke, heart disease and many autoimmune conditions.

With DNA analysis, treatments can be tailored to help many conditions that lead to difficulty with metabolizing drugs, medications, and excreting toxins such as lead, aluminum. 

Neurotransmitters such as dopamine, epinephrine, serotonin which are responsible for many mood and sleep disorders can be investigated scientifically based on  the enzymes that control their productions such as MTHFR, and those that affect their breakdown such as MAO, COMT. 

These enzymes can be tested for and an individual program can be designed for each person based on their gene DNA profile that best suits their needs.

Special diet plans can be tailor made since genetics plays an important role in how we metabolize nutrients. Gene analysis may help provide an approach to specific nutrition making a one size fits all nutritional plan obsolete.

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